About the project

Leonardo da Vinci VETPRO project “Methodologies for Teaching Tourism-based Specialities in Coastal Regions” was written by the teachers of Haapsalu Vocational Education and Training Centre. As Haapsalu is a small summer resort town in the western part of Estonia and our school teaches a lot of tourism-based specialties like hospitality service, catering and rural tourism arrangement, we were curious to see how the other vocational schools in Europe, situated also at the coastal regions, do the same thing. So we started to look for the partners from the other coastal regions of Europe. We were vey lucky, because we found 5 partners from very different places  – Malta, Italy, Netherlands, Finland and England – from norht to south and from the centre as well. During the mobilities of this project we try to find out which are the similarities and diferences between the schools who teach quite similar specialties and how do these schools work together with local enterprises and authoroties. We are also eager to visit the lessons and talk about our colleagues about their everyday work. We hope to get interesting results out of this project, make up some good and sustainable reslationships and develop the students’ exchange with these countries.

Heli Heimo, project manager

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